Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Deadhead Wave Petunias?

What's the story with the wave petunias? There seems to be some dissent about whether to deadhead or not. Mine are not blossoming as much as I would have expected, so I started deadheading because I noticed seeds forming where the spent flowers were. (I had thought that the reason for not needing to deadhead them was because they were a hybrid that didn't produce seed.) They still look rather leggy and are only blooming on the ends. So what's the story? Deadhead or not? Should I cut them way back at this point? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys!

Deadhead Wave Petunias?
yes you can dead head petunias.but the waves get real long stems or branches on them.each stem has only so many flowers.if you cut them back by half of their length,they will rebloom in 4-5 weeks.
Reply:I had the same trouble but then thought that maybe Wave petunias weren't really Super-tunias that don't need to be deadheaded. I stopped buying the Waves for that reason.
Reply:I would try cutting them back and see what happens. At this point it couldn't hurt.
Reply:i am wondering the same thing, glad you asked..the ones in the garden shop are so full and beautiful. i planted in miracle grow soil, have fertilized them once a month, and still the same...

ok, since no answers were coming up here, i asked the flower lady at the local grocery store..she said to fertilize them lightly every time you water, and cut the stems back by half. dead heading is ok. so, here goes......

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