Monday, January 9, 2012

Do petunias come back every year?

i need to know i have like 13 of them.small ones.that have just come up.thanks for your awnsers.i appreciate it.

Do petunias come back every year?
No, unfortunatly they do not, they are an annual which means they grow for one year.

I have transplanted some into pots and brought them in the house before the frost hits and they do ok, but you still have time for the small ones to grow.

They produce seeds if you take some of them and put them in brown paper bags then next spring you can sprinkle around and grow them again.
Reply:I live where there are mild winters,so I just leave the seeds where they fall and come spring, I have petunias. But no,petunias do not come back every year. Good luck with your garden.
Reply:They're "annuals", so they're not supposed to. Some of mine still come back every year though. Go figure.
Reply:Hi -

Most of the people had the answer right. Petunias are annual flowers and die out after one year. They are annuals in warm and cold climates. Look at my annual gallery page for a picture and brief description of petunias. Hope this helps and good luck with the flowers.


Reply:The original petunia plant will not return. It will, however, drop seeds that, if you are fortunate, will sprout next spring. I've tried collecting petunia seeds and planting the seeds, but I've found just letting the plant drop seeds and sow itself at random is more effective.

A note: some petunia plants are "sterile", which I understand is done to increase the number and size of flowers the plant produces. These plants will not provide seeds.
Reply:Im leaning toward no, at least in my area they are an annual - I see someone else included a link - and said yes - so maybe in some zones they are hardy.

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