Friday, January 27, 2012

Hanging basket with petunias..dry and brown at roots!?

i'm not a brown thumb, i grow plants fairly well, but petunias are new to me. i have the kind in a hanging basket, and they are dying from the root up. they are brown and dead halfway up ,it's still blooming and green at the ends. what is going on? it its fall here, getting colder, and i have brought it inside now. any suggestions????

Hanging basket with petunias..dry and brown at roots!?
their time is over and they are simple at the end of their growing period. Trying to keep them indoors isn't going to work either because they require all the sun they can get. If you do manage to keep them alive they will continue to look like they are now, only worse. I know it's sad to see them go, but they are just a single season flower.
Reply:petunias are a flower that usually has to be rebought and planted every year. its very rare that they will come back next year. unless you buy the seeded petunias.

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