Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Indoor Gardening in the city?

I have sunny windows and I already have chosen some herbs to grow.

Do you have suggestions for flowers that will be happy growing indoors in the city. I won't be planting before February because I don't think they will do as well if I don't wait for spring to arrive ... kind of planting off-season for this part of the country (northeastern U.S.) How about: nasturtium, marigolds, nicotiana,

baby's breath, some petunias ... some tall forget-me-not, alyssum ... do you think they would resent being

put into smallish pots ... I would like to crowd in as much as I can, but is that ok? Have you any suggestions for what might be happy indoors... I keep wanting to grow moon flowers but I know that won't work ... but they smell so good. Would jasmine work. And gardenias. Somehow, I must get my apartment smelling like a greenhouse. Carnations.... oh, please, have you any ideas? Thank you ever so much. LPM

Indoor Gardening in the city?
I have grown geraniums in the house all winter long and they will keep blooming - year round - pinch off leggy growth - make sure they have a sunny window. they are magical....

Also try several ferns - and orchids, they love the indoors. Orchids start blooming in Jan-february - they are not difficult to grow. Lot's of growing info on the net. good luck!

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