Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Something is eating my petunias!?

There are holes in the blossoms but the leaves are untouched. Also, could something be eating the buds? I have a large pot of petunias and 5 blossoms.

Something is eating my petunias!?
I used to have the same problem when I grew petunias. Your problem is a worm called a "budworm", appropriately named. If you'll look real closely at the flowers, you may spot one, they sleep inside of them during the day. They are small, about 1/4 inch and greenish brown in color. Petunias and snapdragons are their favorites. You need to go to Walmart, or Home Depot and get a can of insect spray from Ortho. They have one especially formulated for flowers. It also has a fungicide, so you get double protection. I used to spray the flowers at least once a week with a quick squirt. If you hit the flowers though, it will leave spots, so try and not hit the flowers... Here is a link with info on this budworm pest.. Hope this answers your question... good luck!

...Billy Ray

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